An explosive twist on the old Pong


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Repong is a remake of the classic Pong that comes with a good handful of new features, as well as excellent upgraded graphics that, while remaining relatively faithful to the original, are full of lights, explosions, and particle effects.

Repong has three different game modes: normal, where you play Pong with random power-ups; crazy ball mode, where the ball moves erratically around the level; and survival mode, where you play a game up to 50 points.

The power-ups that appear at random while you play include ones like a double ball, with the obvious complications that entails, or another that shuts off the lights momentarily, forcing you to play in the dark for a few seconds.

In addition to these changes in playability, you can play Repong alone or in multiplayer mode against a friend, either online or over a local network.

Repong is an excellent remake of the classic game that after all these years remains as fun as ever. And the new graphics go a long way to ensuring younger players will give it a shot.
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